STUWI 2017


In 2017 it's time for the 16th edition of Studentenwintersport! That's why we will return to the best, most-suitable, location for Studentenwintersport: Risoul! From Friday the 10th till Sunday the 19th of March 2017 we will leave Holland to depart to the village Risoul (France) with an 185 km of challenging ski slopes! Risoul is a beautiful village where all winter sports, parties, activities and accomodation all gather in one area. It's just as ideal for the après-skiër, who might prefer partying over skiing, as for the fanatic atlete who tries to take that very last ski-lift up the mountain!

Risoul is located int he Cottisch Alps, 12 kilometers above the old village of Risoul and was founded in 1970. The Skiing area La Foret Blanche (to which Risoul and Vars belong) has with 185 km of skiing slopes enough space for the beginners, the average skier/snowboarder and quite a few beautiful black slopes for the adventurers.

Risoul has been sharing the area ‘La Forêt Blanche’ with the village Vars for a few years now. The area is most famous since the American Jeff Hamilton reached the record-speed of a 241 km/h during the 'Ski de Vitesse'-games in 1995. A nice fact to know: the area La Foret Blanche ‘the white forrest’ is named that way because of the afforestation growing along the slopes. Ideal for some off-piste skiing or boarding!

Risoul is together with neighbour Vars the most charming village in this area! The village is found at a hight of 1850 meter and the appartements are located at the base of the slopes, just like la Grotte du Yeti and the ski-lifts, Which gives you an easy acces to the slopes! The village itself is found a bit more down the mountain, but is within walking dinstance to the appartments. Allw wooden chalets are one a line next to each other, which gives a beautiful view to the slopes and the mountain tops. All of this makes Risoul a nice compact village that will give you the perfect StuWi-feeling.

For a price starting at €345,- you can join hundreds of students from all over Holland to travel to Risoul to experience the best week of you life! Curious? Take a look at our package to see what is included in this event, or watch the after movie of last year to get into the StuWi-mood!